‘Weakly Interacting Massive Particle’ explores the realm of theoretical science, harnessing its speculative nature to produce a project in search of dark matter. Astronomers and Cosmologists largely agree about dark matters presence in our Universe and the invisible particles passing through our atmosphere at every moment; but how do we begin to evidence it? This endeavor requires researchers to be imaginative and creative, qualities not commonly associated with a science-based practice.

By using the photographic medium, ‘WIMP’ intends to find evidence of the elusive particles through a series of photographic tests and experiments. Images of natural landscapes, solarised microscopic matter and scientific objects encourage the viewer to examine the fabric of the Universe, intentionally eluding to the presence of something in between or beyond. The approach to the image-making process could be likened to that of a scientist, conducting experiments, postulating theories, and compiling evidence in an effort to present photographic data of dark matter.